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Orange County Rental Property Owners

For Sale | MPort360.comIf you own a rental property in Orange County, whether it’s for short-term lease, long-term lease, VRBO / Airbnb / Homeaway, or on another vacation rental property site, you should consider having MPort360 scan your location. The immersive 360 experience literally “wows” potential renters.

When people are shopping for a rental property on one of the popular rental search sites and browsing through dozens of listings in your area, it pays (YOU!) to stand out from the rest. The way to stand out is an MPort360 scan using the Matterport camera. Aside from the price, more than anything else, potential renters are looking at the photos of your space. They want to see what the bedrooms look like. They want to see how big the rooms are, and where the bathrooms are in relation to the bedrooms. They want to see what the back yard, patio, or deck looks like so they can plan their trip. Giving them the ability to REALLY see the space means they’re more likely to choose you over your competition.

If you think to yourself, “I already rent out my space enough. Spending any extra money on more photography won’t make a big difference.”, think again. Try this simple test – send two links to several of your friends and ask them to compare the photos on your currently listing site, then compare to an MPort360 immersive scan and see what they think. We think you’ll be surprised by the response.

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