Floor plan | MPort360.com“Immersive 360 photography” is more than just a panoramic photo that everyone can take on their mobile phones. Immersive 360 photos are the last step before the VR experience. Virtual Reality goggles are fun, but you need to buy them, make sure they’re charged, and generally, only one person can have a VR experience at the same time.

MPort360 immersive photography lets people walk through a space as if they’re really there, with just a mouse and a screen. Choose where you want to go in a house – upstairs, look out the window, head to the kitchen, get a feel for the size of the living room. Unlike 360 videos, YOU control where you go and what you see, by just clicking the circles on the ground to navigate through a home.

Much like Google Street View, MPort360 models allow you to explore. Click-and-drag the image to look up and down, left and right – or jump back to the ‘dollhouse view’ to see a 3D rendered model of the space as if it really is a dollhouse. From that view, you can even click into a specific room to be transported there immediately. And if there are multiple floors, use the drop-down list in the bottom-right corner to change floors easily too.

Immersive means that you’re surrounded by the experience. Mport360 is the easiest way to let your friends, visitors, customers, employees, or partners experience your location without actually being there!