Tags | MPort360.comImmersive 360 photography goes beyond normal panoramic photos. The digital capture process measures the room as the space is scanned, creating a spatial map of the area being scanned.

Unlike video tours, standard 2D photography, and panoramic photos, viewers have control over how long they can look at an area, and they can choose where to explore inside the 3D model. Viewers can also get detailed information about specific items in the digital sketch by hovering over blue and white tags (if they’ve been added by the property owner.)

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do staging for the photo shoot?

No, MPort360 does not do staging. You should stage your location exactly the way you want it to be scanned. And keep in mind, ANYTHING that is visible will get scanned. So, move unwanted items to a space you don’t want scanned, or put things together in once room that you can move to a different room when it’s time to scan that room.

How does MPort360 light the space?

  • Because our scans are 360 degrees, people can see in every direction – so you don’t want external lighting.
  • Mid-morning to early afternoon is best to light your entire space, but we can do scans at night as well, as long as there is good interior light.
  • Every light in the space should be on, since the Matterport camera captures a lot of data – so turning lights on and off between setups will cause inconsistent images which won’t create the best possible immersive experience.

How long does it take to scan a space?

  • Depending on the size of your location, scans take as little as 30 minutes. For large properties, it can be 2 hours or more.
  • In order to capture every angle, we setup the camera in many locations in your space. A 1,000 square foot space takes approximately 50 positions.
  • After each setup, but before scanning starts, our photographers sometimes step around a corner to keep out of site of the camera, since the camera can see people in mirrors and other reflections. (Although we usually just walk behind the camera while it scans.)

MPort360How do I share the 3D model of my space?

  • A basic scan can be ready within 8 hours. (Contact us about rush jobs)
  • We’ll email you embeddable iframe code that you can add to your website, so the 360 immersive experience will be viewable to your website visitors on your website.
  • We’ll also email you a custom web address that you can share via social media, or as a link in email or on your website. The link is good for 1 year from the date of the scan. (You can extend the hosting by contacting us.)

How do I add more information to my scanned space?

  • We’ll make the scan live as soon as it’s finished processing, but you can request that we add tags at any time.
  • When booking your appointment, you can choose add-ons for basic items, including “Mattertags”, then start filling out our ‘tags form’ with the details you want in the scan.
  • If you want more details than our basic services, contact us with your requirements. Our hourly rate is $100/hr, billed in 30 minute increments.

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